Chentali Irrigation Scheme members who benefited under the command agriculture wheat programme are targeting improved harvest of around 17 tonnes from the 3.8 hectares put under wheat.

Chentali Irrigation Scheme in Hwange’s Dinde area is among the irrigation schemes that have benefited under government’s wheat command agriculture programme.

Members of the scheme are confident of a good wheat harvest of around 5 tonnes per hectare following the timely availability of inputs and the rehabilitation of the irrigation infrastructure.

The members said they are optimistic of harvesting at least 17 tonnes of wheat from the plots and expressed their readiness to complementing government’s efforts in ensuring food security and poverty alleviation.

The members also appealed for assistance in the erection of a fence around the plots and the availing of additional land.

Hwange area generally receives lower rainfall and the irrigation schemes have played a critical role in enhancing food security and improving nutrition.

Under the wheat programme the government is targeting around 220 000 tonnes of wheat from the over 45 000 hectares put under the crop.