kombiss.jpgMotorists navigating through a traffic jungle are a familiar scene in Harare’s City Centre.

Commuter omnibuses and illegal transport operators have made the city a nightmare to drive through leading to calls to revamp the transport system.

The need for a new vision regarding urban transport system is important as more people are now commuting from Norton, Chitungwiza, Ruwa and other areas into Harare on a daily basis.

The City of Johannesburg’s Director for Transport Planning and Policy Development Ms Daisy Dwango, says transport problems like those being faced in the capital can be eliminated by offering improved public transport, reducing the number of single-occupant vehicles and introducing changed land-use planning.

She also suggests that the introduction of widened sidewalks, raised intersections, new public transport stopping areas, improved road markings, street signage and other pedestrian-friendly features will transform Harare into a transport-efficient city.