chess.jpgThe Zimbabwe Chess Federation celebrated Heroes Day in style with the 37th edition of the Heroes Chess Championship that commenced on the 12th and ended this Tuesday.

The championships held in the capital had three categories, the ladies and men’s nationals and the candidates.

The ladies section had 27 top players while the national championships for men had 10 players who played in an all round robin.

Of the 10 in the men’s category, three were relegated to accommodate the three who were elevated.

Rhoda Masiyazi was crowned the winner in the ladies nationals with Zhemba Jemusse won the man’s nationals.

The candidates’ category which had 94 participants saw Gibson Malije winning it and will represent the country in the nationals set for next year.

The winners in the men and ladies nationals were thrilled by their performance having met fierce competition from their opponents.

Zimbabwe Chess Federation vice president Clive Mphambela says the chess sporting extravaganza gave more time to female participants who sometimes miss more game time as compared to their male counterparts.