The grave of the late Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo

The business community has hailed the sacrifice by the country’s living and fallen heroes for bringing about economic empowerment that has allowed indigenous owned business to flourish.

Economic emancipation has resulted in indigenous Zimbabweans owning and running diverse businesses such as banks, manufacturing industries and construction companies unimaginable in colonial times.

This empowerment came because of the sacrifices by the countries heroes who transformed the economic landscape, in a move that has been welcomed by business operators who joined the nation in commemorating Heroes Day.

An industrialist Mr Taurai Jimu said Zimbabweans must cherish the freedom to engage in trade and commerce championed by the Zanu PF government as it came through sacrifice.

Land developer Jonathan Gapare said entrepreneurs and the youth must fully exploit opportunities prevailing in the economy since they were only preserved for the whites in colonial times.

Heroes commemorations come at a time government is consolidating political freedoms brought about by freedom fighters through the ZIM ASSET blueprint focused on value addition of natural resources and the command farming programme directed towards restoring food self-sufficiency.