Export trade in the country is set to be further enhanced following successful negotiations for a US$20 million facility by a local financial firm.

Negotiations for a US$20 million facility between Zimbabwe Stock Exchange listed firm, ZB Holdings and a regional financier are almost concluded in a development expected to further stimulate export trade in the country.

The facility to be rolled out in the third quarter is among the various funding initiatives that have been negotiated by the institution in line with efforts to promote the sustainable growth and development in key economic sectors.

Zimbabwe has recorded improved figures in export receipts with the latest figures by Treasury indicating that exports for this year hit the US$4.9 billion mark.

Such impressive performance by the export sector has raised hope among industry players as it has assisted in generating foreign currency need to meet their foreign payments on raw materials.

The financial institution has also partnered ZINARA to float a US$60 million bond which will be used under the emergency road rehabilitation programme with revelations that to date a significant chunk of these bonds have already been secured.