The death toll on the country’s roads has not been a pleasing development, particularly when one considers that the major causes have been negligence as well as unroadworthy vehicles.

While the spotlight has been on accidents that have occurred along the country’s highways as well as in urban centers, many lives in the rural areas have also been affected.

There have been numerous cases where freak accidents involving animal drawn carts as well as motor vehicles in many of the country’s outlying areas as a result of failure to allow each other the right of way have occurred.

Against this backdrop, Mudzi district provided a platform for the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe campaign to conscietise rural communities on accident prevention.

Students from various schools took the lead in spreading the message of safety on the roads through drama and poetry.

Community leaders too have also been roped in the campaign, expected to see increased awareness on ending road carnage and as opinion leaders, are expected to hammer the message home at every turn.

The Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe Mashonaland Regional Manager, Mr Ernest Muchena said there can be no compromise when it comes to safety on the country’s roads as once lost, a life can never be replaced.

Only last month, nine people died when a Harare-bound commuter omnibus hit a stationery haulage truck at the 41km peg along the Harare-Wedza road near Dema Police Station.

This among other tragic accidents only goes to show how the country is losing thousands of lives annually due to road accidents.