A local entrepreneur in Birchenough is riding on the availability of scrap aluminium materials in his pot making business where he is moulding at least 7 000 three legged aluminium pots every month.

Calls to embark on environmental friendly businesses are a chorus almost everyone is now familiar with, but for a Birchenough Bridge entrepreneur Brian Madinya such environmental awareness initiatives must open opportunities such as how to value add waste.

Madinya took advantage of Birchenough’s geographical positioning as a transit small growth point to start his project in 2015 using scrap aluminium and he now employs at least ten workers while producing over 7 000 three legged pots per month.

Madinya said pot making is a viable business venture since there is a ready market owing to the product’s high quality.

Small homemade furnaces powered by coal are used to melt the scrap materials while green sand is used as frames where liquid aluminium is poured into in order to produce pots of different sizes.

The simple but innovative way of producing pots is not expensive to run.

For Madinya, increased supply of scrap materials is all what is needs to further grow his business venture.