Investors are always in need of a fair share return from their savings in different portfolios with the insurance and pensions sector being one of the most sought after portfolio.

Experts say there is an urgent need for the release of an insurance probe report, effective monitoring of investment proceeds, injection of funds into viable projects that can unlock value and continous monitoring of pension and stock funds to unlock value on investments.

Concerns are being raised over allegations that policy holders, investors and pensioners are being shortchanged on their investments.

An economist Mr Zack Murerwa said the findings of an insurance and pension funds probe on the conversion process for insurance contributions from the Zimbabwe dollar to the multiple currencies will set the tone for the restoration of sanity on payment of returns to investors.

While returns on the stock market seem to have put off investors from reclaiming their benefits as well as dividends on listed companies there is also need for insurance firms, asset management companies, fund managers investment firms to focus towards investing funds on long term viable projects that have the potential to unlock value for the investors, said an industrialist Mr Shepherd Kembo.

But taking an assessment of alleged under capitalisation of some investment firms, it is now high time capital requirements should be reviewed on a timely basis for the benefit of the investors.

While it is the wish of every individual to invest money in a portfolio that guarantees maximum returns but with the current scenarios where investors insuring public and pensioners are getting meagre returns one therefore wonders whether the confidence will ever return.