The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) says most of the country’s cities and towns are dirty compared to Zimbabwe ‘s neighbours that have managed to maintain cleaner environments.

This came out during an anti-littering campaign held recently in Beitbridge, where 700 tonnes of litter is generated every month by locals and a daily transit population of 12 000 people.

EMA Board member, Mr Felix Moyo said more needs to be done to address the high levels of littering and dumping of solid waste into the environment particularly in Beitbridge which is the preface of the country.

As part of some of the recommendations to the Beitbridge local authority, EMA implored the town council to ensure that people do not develop stands in areas without proper sanitation facilities to avoid open defecation.

The local authority that is failing to manage the amount of litter generated due to inadequate resources called on the corporate world to partner the town in improving its waste management systems.

An anti-littering march was held from Mashakada Business Centre to the border post.

In 2008, Beitbridge experienced a deadly cholera outbreak that claimed hundreds of lives and as such efforts are being made to avoid a repeat of the scourge.