She was born sighted and now she is visually impaired and so many stories have been said as to what caused this unfortunate fate for Bulawayo’s United College of Education student.

Matters of spiritual warfare surround the story of Nelia Chigunduru who despite being born sighted is now partially blind and there has been no medical explanation to the causes.

Her case has left her in despair as she has failed to find help from every sphere leaving her at the mercy of others.

Those etched in Christianity believe such occurrences are synonymous with spiritual attacks says Reverend Frank Mhlanga and Pastor Brighton Chikomo.

The consensus is equally shared by traditional healer Sekuru Benjamin Nyaude who says hers is a case of evil attacks.

While the questions on what is gradually causing her blindness will continue to haunt many, for Nelia herself it appears she has already given up on her case.