zncc-logo.pngTanzania’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Addadi Rajabu says there are vast business opportunities across Africa that can be taken advantage of by Matabeleland region.

Speaking during a business conference in Bulawayo that was attended by diplomats from five African countries and captains of industry in the city, Mr Rajabu said the local industry can benefit from several business opportunities in other African countries by establishing trade partnerships.

Diplomats from Angola, Botswana, DRC and Nigeria also presented on the business opportunities available in their countries.

The business conference that was organised by the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce, (ZNCC), was preceded by a tour of several companies by the ambassadors and embassy staff.

During the tour, the delegation was appraised on the performance of industries and the challenges that are affecting business.

ZNCC Matabeleland region Vice President, Mrs Shiela Sidambe said the business tour is now set to be an annual event that will seek to expose the business opportunities for local industries abroad in an effort to revive industry in the region.