visual_art.jpgA weeklong mixed art exhibition and auction aimed at promoting and empowering artists and dialogue across continents is set to open at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Harare this Saturday.

Established and emerging contemporary visual artists from across the country will be showcasing their works using different media in the ‘Continental Dialogue’ exhibition aimed at promoting harmony across continents.

The exhibition which is sponsored by the European Union is aimed at promoting contemporary visual art through the use of dialogue.

In an interview with ZBC News, National Gallery of Zimbabwe curator, Raphael Chikukwa said the weeklong exhibition will culminate in an auction.

“The exhibition is their way of promoting and empowering artists through their works and promotion of dialogue. The proceeds from the auction will benefit the artists and also go towards projects we are doing with them,” said Chikukwa.

Works on exhibition revisit the historical and geographical background of the EU and borders on the relations that exist between the bloc and Zimbabwe from the artists’ creative view point.

Works on display include Charles Kamangwana’s ‘Just a ride’, which is a collage of colour that portrays two men riding bicycles along a narrow road showing the importance of working together towards a common goal.

Also of note is Lin Berrie’s ‘Zimbabwe/EU Wild life animal conflict’ in which an elephant with the EU emblem stars is used as a metaphor of the domination of developing nations by the west.