biti tendai.jpgGovernment says the 2010 mid-term budget review will be presented to Zimbabweans on the 15th of July as stakeholders seek to come up with policies to consolidate macro- economic gains.


Expectations are high that the 2010 mid-Term fiscal policy review will set the tone towards improving business confidence as well as solving  challenges affecting industry and households.


Finance Minister, Mr. Tendai Biti said Government has set the 15th of July as the date for presentation of the 2010 Mid-Term Fiscal Policy review which is aimed at assessing  the performance of the economy since  January this year.


“The cabinet yesterday agreed that the 2010 mid-term budget will be presented on the 15th of July and now we are just putting final touches to the whole issue,” said Minister Biti
Turning to the ongoing debate on preferred currency , Mr  Biti said  Government  will consult  Zimbabweans as opposed to suggestions from  external institutions.


“ We will not conform to what the IMF says but we shall soon be extending the matter to the public and we will gather their views,” said Mr Biti.


The business community and households expect the 2010 mid-term budget review to facililate price stability, attract investment, stimulate savings, boost export earnings, create new jobs and increase productivity in mining, agriculture, tourism and manufacturing as well as reigning in inflation.

Economic observers say the 2010 mid-term budget review should include homegrown economic policies that focus on the interests of Zimbabwe’s  economy.