housing cooperatives.jpgOver 200 families in Harare are set to become owners of their own houses under the Nehanda Housing Cooperative scheme as the organisation is putting final touches to some houses under construction.


Nehanda Housing Cooperative chairman, Cde Never Kowo said the housing cooperative in Dzivarasekwa that has since provided 700 houses to home seekers will complete 200 more houses by the end of this month which will be given to members of the cooperative.

Cde Kowo said the objective of his cooperative is to assist the government’s goal of providing accommodation to all but however cited financial constraints as the biggest challenge.

“We are happy that we are on the verge of finishing yet another phase of providing houses to our members by the end of this January. We are however facing the problem of finance. The government has provided us with US$500 000 but we are saying its shot of our requirements…,” Cde Kowo said.

Nehanda Housing Cooperative Treasurer, Cde Keri Mhute said for the cooperative to build more houses, beneficiaries of the scheme should not default on payments as this attracts legal action.

“Our financial problems are being worsened by some cooperative members who are failing to settle their debts… we are saying these members are leaving us with no option but to take the legal route to recover what is owed to us…,” added Cde Kowo.

Nehanda Housing Cooperative is located in Dzivarasekwa extension and boasts of more than 5 000 residential stands.