The fight for life for two year old Nathan Sanyanga has culminated into a fundraising dinner which will see a number of musical artists performing as the family pleads for assistance for their cancer ridden son.

Nathan requires $100 000 to undergo a bone marrow transplant in South Africa.

Born two years ago, Nathan is suffering from a life-threatening type of cancer known as ‘francoise anaemia’.

According to the mother Silvia, her son’s condition was diagnosed at birth with doctors having indicated the bone marrow transplant will be done five years down the line.

However, at two, Nathan has become weak and in urgent need for the transplant and to make matters worse the disease cannot be cured in the country.

The Sanyanga family is blessed with three children, Natasha, Raymond and Nathan with the first born Natasha having suffered the same condition at five and successfully went through a bone marrow transplant in India.

Children born with this condition are prone to birth defects with Nathan being one of them.

He was born with club hands, no thumps and one kidney making his life a bit complicated.

Nathan requires $100 000 to cover the medical bills, accommodation and travel costs for the operation.

Those willing to help can get in touch with the parents on phone numbers 0772 432 689, 0771 416 156.

A dinner to raise funds for Nathan has been scheduled at Bliss Gardens tomorrow with Oliver Mtukudzi, Tariro Negitare and Prayersoul expected to entertain at the event.