On the 14th of August, Zimbabwe commemorates Heroes Day as the nation reflects on the role played by illustrious sons and daughters of the country who fought in the liberation struggle.

The day comes as President Robert Mugabe recently called for the declaration of national hero status on the seven gallant fighters of the famous Chinhoyi Battle.

On April 28, 1966, seven freedom fighters who had entered the country from Zambia were intercepted by Rhodesian Forces in Chinhoyi and a battle erupted.

After bravely wadding off Rhodesian Forces for almost 10 hours, the seven comrades later succumbed to Rhodesia’s well resourced military forces after having running out of ammunition.

The Chinhoyi battle is known as the defining moment in the history of Zimbabwe as it heralded the beginning of the Second Chimurenga.

In the spirit of heroes celebrations, President Mugabe while addressing a youth rally in Chinhoyi called for the declaration of the national heroes status on the seven gallant sons that fought in the famous Chinhoyi battle.

President Mugabe said a monument should be erected at the battle site in honour of the formative role played by the fighters.

In line with the commitment to keep the spirit of heroes alive, Zimbabweans cherish the contributions of the gallant sons and daughters and their memories not only for the present but for future generations.

National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe Executive Director, Mr Godfrey Mahachi said the ball is now in their court.

Observers said a lot needs to be done at the Chinhoyi battle site in order to give the famous Chinhoyi seven heroes the honour they deserve.

The seven heroes associated with the Chinhoyi battle are Godfrey Dube, Godwin Manyerenyere, Simon Chingozha, Chubby Savanhu, Chris Chatambudza, David Guzuzu and Arthur Maramba.

In two weeks time, the people of Zimbabwe will gather at  various heroes shrines across the country in honour of the fallen and living heroes of the struggle.