Two women from Tsholotsho are facing drug related charges for being found in possession of drugs or dealing in dangerous substances and selling drugs illegally.

Nelly Moyo of Ntulula village was on the 7th of September found with four twists of dagga and seven plants in the garden by the police who were on patrol in Tsholotsho.

She appeared before Tsholotsho resident magistrate Victor Mpofu on the 18th of this month and was sentenced to 6 months in prison for the first offence and 9 months of community service on the second charge.

Meanwhile, on the 14th of this month, Nyathi of Jahe area was also arrested for possession of 60 grams of dagga and 30 grams of lemonvate an illegal skin lightening cream.

However, the outcome of this case could not be established as the police were not available for comment.