immunise.jpgMore than 2 280 000 children have been vaccinated in the first three days since the commencement of the combined national immunisation and child health days campaign.


Addressing a media briefing in the capital, Minister of Health and Child Welfare Dr Henry Madzorera said the campaign has received overwhelming support with queues of parents with their children having been witnessed around the country.


Statistics availed by the ministry indicate that 536 102 children were vaccinated across the country on the first day of the programme, while 360 116 were covered on the second day and 385 411 also got vaccinated on the third day bringing the total number of children vaccinated in the first three days to 1 281 629.


“Today marks the half way mark in our campaign and would like to register the great achievements that are being made by teams of health care workers in the field. We appreciate the huge turn out by communities. In some areas the vaccinating teams are even getting overwhelmed and we encourage parents to be patient,” said Dr Madzorera.


World Health Organisation (WHO) country representative Dr Custodia Mandhlate said even previous resistant church groupings like the apostolic sects, have responded positively to the call to have their children vaccinated.


He said: “It is very pleasing to note that despite some negative comments from some quarters which were aimed at discouraging parents to take their children for vaccination, parents want the best for their kids and they are turning up in large numbers.”


UNICEF country representative Dr Peter Salama commended parents and guardians for taking the initiative to help eradicate and eliminate preventable diseases by having their children vaccinated.


Vaccine preventable diseases still remain a major cause of death and disability mainly among children in the African region.
Since September 2009, around 30 African countries including Zimbabwe have experienced resurgence of measles outbreak.


In Zimbabwe an outbreak occurred in 8 provinces and a total of 7 754 suspected cases were recorded with 517 deaths having been recorded from the 55 of the 62 districts.