The Gama family in Dete is battling with a life threatening blood disorder known as chronic aplastic anaemia which is troubling their sixteen year old son.

The family is now appealing for well-wishers assistance in ensuring that the young man undergo a bone marrow transplantation outside the country.

16 year old Qaphela Gama has never enjoyed life outside hospital after having been diagnosed with aplastic anaemia a life threatening blood disorder that prevents bone marrow from producing red and white blood cells.

Qaphela who has since dropped out of school because of the condition has been relying on iron tablets which are only a temporal measure.

The family was advised to seek specialist treatment in the form bone marrow transplant.

Qaphela’s mother Mrs Betty Gama said they have struggled to raise the required funds for the transplant and are appealing for well-wishers intervention.

“We were advised that the child requires bone marrow transplant which is offered in India and because of the cost involved we are unable to get that life-saving treatment,” she said.

The Gama family which has to date sold most of their possessions in a bid to ensure that the child gets treatment is not giving up hope and is optimistic that with the help of well-wishers Qaphela will have the life-saving bone marrow transplant.

Those willing to contribute towards the bone marrow transplant may contact Mr Michael Gama on 0776122731 or Mrs Betty Gama on 0776 080476.