For one comedian and dancer, a bag of clothes is the only key to unlock gasps of laughter for those who will be watching.

Enthusiastic cheers are the order of the day as he sets the dance floor ablaze with fancy footwork and humorous antics.

At a glance it seems like a bale of second hand clothes has been strewn all over the place.

However, one needs to simply sit back and watch as Loveman Katsande, popularly known as “Primus Stove” makes a foray onto the dance floor.

His repertoire sees him in typical onion fashion, peel off one outfit after the other on stage as he prepares for his next act.

Like a chameleon, he blends with music, or mimicking a preacher.

Primus Stove makes many reminisce with nostalgia as he places emphasis on the actions and dances of one particular artist.

While many explanations can be proffered as to what motivates Primus Stove, the answer may be found in music.