Development organisations have partnered Culture Fund for the launch of 16 days of gender activism in Mazowe district alongside a three year culture action programme.

The 25th of November marks the beginning of 16 days against gender based violence (GBV) hence the launch of an action programme in Mazowe by Roots in partnership with the Culture Fund.

Culture Fund chief executive officer Mr Farai Mpfunya said the programme coincides with culture action programme which is meant to equip communities.

Mazowe assistant District Administrator Mr Shepherd Edward said the launch of 16 days against GBV is critical in informing communities of their rights.

Roots executive director Ms Beatrice Savadye said GBV is more pronounced in the farming communities of the country hence the sensitisation programme directed at these areas.

The culture action project is meant to use the power of creative arts to challenge societal norms aimed at reducing child marriages, gender based violence, mainstreaming climate change and environmental sustainability.