104students.jpg104 students were today sent off to the University of Monash in Johannesburg South Africa by the Executive Programme Director of the Presidential Scholarship Programme, Honorable Christopher Mushowe in Harare today.

They are the last group of students who were selected last year under the Presidential Scholarship programme and were turned down at the Western Cape University which gave preferences to the South African residents early this year.

Honorable Mushowe said the programme is an opportunity to empower orphans and the disadvantaged, mainly from the country’s remote rural areas so that they have equal opportunities with other children of their age in urban centers.

He said although the country has so many universities, most of them still require high pass rate at Form 6 for one to be admitted, with the School of Medicine and the Faculty of Law requiring 15 and 14 points respectively for one to be admitted in those disciplines. 


Honorable Mushowe said it is against this background that children learning in rural schools without facilities fail to attain such points despite being intelligent hence such a programme to afford them an opportunity in life.

He urged the students to work hard and empower themselves for the benefit of their families and the country at large.

Parents and students who spoke to ZBCNews all commended the good work by Cde Robert Mugabe of affording the less privileged such an opportunity.


The parents urged the students to work hard and make sure they represent Zimbabwe well where ever they go.

The Presidential Scholarship Programme which started in 1995, is the brainchild of the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe. To date it has seen more than 5 000 students having been trained under the programme, with 13 universities in South Africa now accommodating Zimbabwean students every year.