zncc president binha.jpgCaptains of industry say prospects for the country’s economy to achieve a $100 billion economy by 2040 are feasible.

This emerged at the launch of the Round Table Lifestyle card held in the capital.

Synergies and joint initiatives between the public and private players within the economy were singled out as the key drivers of meeting the set target of achieving a $100 billion economy by 2040.

Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce President, Mr. Oswell Binha and KM Financial Solutions CEO, Mr. Kenias Mafukidze, concurred that Zimbabwe’s resource base and strategic alliances between the private and public sectors can drive the economy to astronomical heights.

The confidence expressed by the business community, comes at a time when analysts have castigated government for failing to implement impeccable policies.

The target for the country’s economy reaching the $100 billionr mark by 2040 was made early this year, during the KMFS CEO’s round table which ran under the theme, ‘Shaping Africa’s destiny’, the expectations are that the economy will grow by 10% annually