The Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) has set up a $1.2 million sewerage reticulation system that will water a gumtree plantation in its initial phase as the state owned institution chips in to fight the effects of global warming.

This is part of the pilot plantation project that is set to benefit from the water to be harvested from the sewerage reticulation system, once the million dollar facility becomes functional.

The state of the art plant which is designed to reduce unnecessary loss of water will initially serve to irrigate non-edible plants but environmentalists concur that the precious liquid to be produced can eventually be used for other duties like drinking after Environmental Management Agency (EMA) approved purification methods have been met.

EMA provincial manager Matabeleland North, Mrs Chipo Mpofu Zuze said; “The plant is primarily meant for the sedimentation process which is the setting down of solids in a sewer and the process is repeated in each pond until it reaches the sixth pond. Along the way the water will be oxidated until it reaches the maturation stage where it is further oxidated before it is released into the environment. Some were asking whether it can be used for irrigating edible crops or for drinling processes and the answer is yes as we will have to test it as EMA before it is chlorinated for such purposes’’.

The Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development Dr Joram Gumbo who was being represented by his Permanent Secretary Engineer George Mlilo commended CAAZ for its environmental friendly policies.

The plant’s construction which was part of CAAZ’s rapid results initiative was also done in preparation of the anticipated aviation industry expansion.

“The government recognises that air transport is pivotal to the economic growth of our country, as it facilitates trade, tourism and regional integration, though improving the movement of people and goods in a more costive way. It is therefore, evident that refurbished aviation infrastructure has the greatest potential to spur economic growth in our country,” he said.

The world is fast embracing the going green initiative as stakeholders seek to mitigate the effects of climate change.