The massive consignment received from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) this Sunday (yesterday) has already started reaching the command centre in Manicaland with essentials such as baby food expected to speedily bring relief on survivors.

The UAE consignment consisting of 50 tonnes food staffs and 30 tonnes tents has been handed over to the Manicaland Minister of State Dr Ellen Gwaradzimba.

However, Dr Gwaradzimba expressed gratitude to the UAE for taking into consideration the plight of young children by donating 250 boxes of baby milk.

“It is very comforting that although we are faced with this disaster, we are not alone, we have friends all over who have come to our rescue and we continue to appeal to the international community that this process of restoring life to the people affected by Cyclone Idai is not a once off thing but an ongoing process and will take a long time for things to normalise,” she said.

The UAE consignment came after His Excellency, President Emmerson Mnangagwa appealed for help during his visit to the Arab country.