Spirit mediums played a critical role in the liberation struggle by informing of impending dangers which proved to be a lifesaving chapter for many freedom fighters.

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Believing in dreams or not was one’s choice the freedom fighters had to make on a daily basis.

It was better to go with the dream and be a leaving hero than to defy the dreams or the warning of spirit mediums known as masvikiro.

Cde  Dojiwe Maravanyika whose Chimurenga name was Cde Chemerai Nyika took us back to the period of the liberation war where he said his dreams saved the lives of many.

As she narrated how she vividly captured every moment of the following days in dreams, her story captures one of the intriguing aspects of the liberation struggle that for long has remained outside the public eye.

Instilling the spirit of unity and love among the liberation fighters was also another role played by spirit mediums, narrated Cde Francis Chikuku who fought side-by-side with Cde Maravanyika at Tonono Base in Gaza Province.

In four days, Zimbabwe celebrates 39 years of self rule, an independence brought about by the selfless sacrifice of freedom fighters both fallen and living and these ought to be honoured for the freedoms being enjoyed today.