Rwanda is considering bilateral economic agreements with Zimbabwe in line with efforts to boost trade and investment between the two countries.

Rwanda which is one of the fastest growing economies in the sub Saharan Africa region is keen on improving relationships with Zimbabwe in key productive sectors.

Rwandese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr James Musoni said while the East African economy has implemented a raft of economic reforms just like what Zimbabwe is currently pursuing, proposed economic agreements will result in the two nations sharing or exchanging socio economic developmental ideas.

“The need to iron out some outstanding issues is a key element that can only be sustained by focusing on economic development,” he said.

The bilateral agreements will also focus on how the two countries can increase trade and projects while facilitating economic revival policies.

“It is all about what should be done to enhance trade while at the same time focusing on issues to do with development of both economies,” Ambassador Musoni said.

The government is also reviewing several bilateral trade agreements with key trading partners to increase production and viability of several industries.

Rwanda is ranked 29th globally on the World Bank’s 2018 ease of doing business report.