The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) says provision of infrastructure is critical in improving access to justice through reduction of distance travelled by citizens to the nearest court.

Access to justice is one of the major priorities of the JSC and government at large, hence it is against this background that more courts should be built beyond district levels.

Acting Chief Magistrate Mr Munamato Mutevedzi said the JSC is currently ceased with completion of the Gwanda provincial magistrates court.

This follows the release of $5 million from Treasury to support the infrastructure development for JSC.

“One of the strategic focus of JSC is to construct more courts and we are currently looking at resuscitation of construction of Gwanda court house. The Chief Justice will tour the court tomorrow (Wednesday) and the completion of this court house will be a significant achievement for JSC,” he said.

In Zimbabwe, there are still areas where people travel beyond 100 kilometres to get to the nearest court, a situation that can compromise justice.

Issues of transport and accommodation challenges for witnesses can be solved if more courts are constructed.