Local companies in Zimbabwe in conjunction with a local university in Masvingo conducted a women entrepreneurship development training programme in Masvingo which was mainly to equip women entrepreneurs with information on how to run their businesses.

In a move to empower women in Masvingo, a local company will start giving out loans to women entrepreneurs in order for them to grow their businesses.

Speaking at a ceremony held at Bethany in Masvingo to mark the end of the training programme, the marketing manager of Homelink, Mrs Tendai Rafemoyo said it is important to empower women as this will make them able to fend for their families and the nation as well.

“Women are important. They are the ones who remain with the children and the rest of the family in the event that the father passes on so it is vital to make sure as a nation women are empowered in the business field,” she said.

The women entrepreneurs who attended the training programme emphasized the need to be equipped with information on the importance of keeping records of all their business transactions.

The entrepreneurs who attended the training programme walked away with certificates and prizes.